Why Is Creating A LinkedIn Careers Page Important?

If you are a hotel group, we strongly advise you to create a dedicated careers page in addition to your group.

It represents your company, its philosophy, its age and its current status.

Your identity card

The goal here is to sell yourself in the best way to attract the best talent. So you need to perfect your employer brand.

The idea is therefore not just to post job offers, but to differentiate yourself from your competitors by regularly feeding content on the company's culture, values, working environment and results.

Prefer a video format to articles, whenever possible. For example, interview your employees about their jobs (seniority, atmosphere and well-being in your company, etc.).

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Vary the content

Videos are the formats that generate the most interaction, they are fun and dynamic.

Inform your future candidates about the latest company news (construction of a rest room, meals for the staff in a clean and friendly self-service restaurant, label obtained recently, renovation of the reception of such and such a hotel...)

And last but not least, invite and solicit your employees as much as possible on this account. So that they can comment on the page's news and interact with future candidates. They will greatly improve your brand awareness.

In short, the career page is where employees and future candidates meet.

It will facilitate integration and strengthen the social link within your company.