Why Is It Important To Create A LinkedIn Page As A Hotelier?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network. It allows you to connect with colleagues, follow the news of companies you like and above all to feed your network. And yes, it's not just for personal accounts, it's also good for businesses.

For example, if you post a job for a waitress and one of your contacts sees it, he or she may offer you a profile or even share the ad on his or her own network.

Power your network

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Choose quality over quantity

This platform can allow you to get in touch with investors, collaborators, suppliers and even customers. Subscribe to your competitor's companies, you have the opportunity to see how they operate, take advantage of it.

And finally, don't hesitate to play on keywords to improve your natural referencing and your notoriety.

Having a successful page takes time and attention, but it provides real leverage and will improve your natural ranking on search engines such as Google.

So, convinced?