Why Is It Important To Exploit The Feature Of Front Page Stories?

If the stories are ephemeral publications (24 hours), in 1080x1920px format, they can be made continuously visible just after your page header.

Feature stories, also known as story highlights, can help your subscribers and social network users get to know you better. You can create albums of stories, with an illustration and a title of your own.
This will allow you to quickly view content that is relevant to what your subscribers are looking for. You can highlight events that have and/or have taken place in your establishment, press articles, rest of customers who filmed their rooms...

You have to make your subscribers want to watch these stories. They highlight other aspects of your hotel that you have not mentioned in your publications or that are complementary to them.

The title should be short and explicit, the album illustration should be graphic and consistent with your identity.
Avoid putting an abundance of stories in the headlines. Ideally, you should be able to see almost all of them as soon as you go to your Instagram profile. If there are too many, Instagram users may not want to watch them. If there aren't at least three, it will look like there's not enough content.

These headline stories or story highlights are therefore great opportunities to unveil an institution under categories and enrich the content made available to Instagram users.