Why Promote My Hotel On Google Ads?

Google Ads: More visibility for your hotel

When a user searches for a hotel using the Google search engine, the customer is searching in the simplest way possible. Thus, the click rate on the first result is almost 32%, the click rate on the second result is about 25%. If your website does not appear on the first 3 results of the first Google page, you only have a 25% chance that the potential customer will come to your website, and thus make a sale by direct booking.

With Google Ads, you can direct your potential customers to your website and promote this direct booking. You can put your hotel's website first when the customer types the name of your hotel. It is possible to put your hotel's website first when the customer types in the name of your hotel, and then they will be tempted to go directly to your website, and not via an OTA. Reservation sites are very often placed at the top of Google pages with the name of your establishment. Getting around them with Google Ads is easier.

You also have the possibility to add value to your establishment when the customer types keywords, for example concerning location. This way, you stand out from your most direct competitors.
In addition, you can target a certain clientele according to its geolocation, its subsequent searches, its age, its sex... Thanks to Google Ads, your hotel is more visible and live booking is favoured.