Brand Content

Content build relationships.
Relationships are built on trust.
Trust drives revenue.

– A. Davis

Social Media Branding

Your social media presence is a unique extension of your brand’s identity. So it’s important to always know what to say – and when to say it.

Our social media experts will help you to find your true brand voice, build your style and make sure it resonates with your target audience.

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Content Production

A healthy and active social media presence requires planning, strategy, and automation. You won’t always have freshly created content to share, so setting up posts in advance – images, quizzes, data, etc. – can fill those gaps in your social calendar.

We’ll help you filter and curate this content, so you can have a better brand image across your social medias and your website.

Music Identity

Influence Society has partnered with Bespoke Sound, a music identity studio that helps hospitality brands enhance their guest experience and brand through music. Services include custom soundtracks for common spaces, brand playlists, music supervision, and more.
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Video Marketing

Videos are the ideal format for telling your brand story. The best part? Travelers are already watching video daily on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Video is a powerful way to immerse your future guests in interactive social campaigns.

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