Influence Society House set to unite Luxury Hotel Executives

September 5, 2023

Paris, France – Influence Society has announced that it will be hosting its inaugural Executive Hotelier Retreat in the Parisian countryside in early October. The agenda will be focused on exploring innovative digital marketing strategies within the realm of luxury hotels. This initiative underscores the agency's commitment to enhancing the online presence and outreach of high-end hospitality establishments. Conceived by Founder, Sebastien Felix, during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, this offsite signifies a critical step forward in how luxury hotels approach their digital marketing efforts. 

This symposium, the first in a series of planned Influence Society Houses, will bring together an assembly of hand-picked hospitality executives and practitioners who are pioneering the most sophisticated digital marketing strategies tailored specifically to luxury hotels. The agenda will delve into the intricacies of the evolving digital marketing landscapes within the industry, including how tools like Webflow and AI are creating revenue efficiencies.

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The forum will be held at a recently restored estate, which comes via a partnership with The Oasis House and will include meals being prepared by renowned French Chef, Arthur Garner and his culinary ensemble. Music identity studio, Bespoke Sound, known for curating high profile events like L.E Miami and its work with other top-shelf hospitality venues, will serve as the official atmospheric music partner. Participants will engage in immersive workshops, expert-led sessions, and collaborative discussions, all geared towards uncovering innovative approaches to online conversions, guest engagement and revenue optimization. During one of the conferences’ highlights, attendees will embark on a trip to a renowned 5-star hotel in the heart of Paris for a luxurious lunch in a historic dining room. 

"The Executive Hospitality Retreat is designed to empower luxury hotels with the digital marketing tools and strategies necessary to thrive in today's competitive landscape," commented Sebastien Felix, Founder of Influence Society. "We envision a future where these esteemed establishments exceed the digital expectations of their discerning clientele." Influence Society carefully curated the agenda for the hand-picked luxury hotel executives, marketing professionals, and industry enthusiasts to partake in this first-time event - with the goal of embracing innovation, transformation, and excellence in the digital marketing realm. Future installments are set to take place in London later this year, followed by retreats in the U.S. - including Miami and other destinations in 2024 and beyond.  

Our first Influence Society House at The Oasis House La Prairie

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About Influence Society: Influence Society is a leading digital marketing and technology agency for high-end hospitality brands. The agency provides innovative marketing solutions for the world’s top hotel and restaurant groups. Influence Society offers a specific range of services, including:

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‍Influence Society works with an exclusive portfolio of luxury hospitality brands. The company has a team of former hoteliers, trained technologists, experienced marketers and award-winning designers. The company is headquartered in Paris, France, and has offices in New York City, Geneva, Miami and London.