Welcome Ludivine Olléon

September 20, 2022

We're pleased to welcome the latest member of the Influence Society Collective: Ludivine Olléon.

First of all, tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what your personal interests and passions are?

Nice to meet you! I'm Ludivine Olléon, based in Bordeaux for the last 2 years, ex Parisian. I am an independent spirit which ensures me a freedom of action for the service of my customers. I like teamwork and collective intelligence with the aim of co-creating and giving a "right" answer that makes sense. I work with my heart and my mind, the strategic and creative aspects.

I think that content and design are one and the same. I think we need to have a shared sensibility between all the design and marketing professions to shake up the traditional market. I like to take into account the system of the project or brand to be built (systemic approach) in concert with new aspirations, and put the human being at the heart of it all. Emotional capital is therefore a new lever for hotel brands that leads us to think, to vibrate and to open new paths! This is our shared mission. 

I am a gourmet of life, I love human relationships in their simplicity but also in their complexity. I love all forms of expression, whether academic or spontaneous (photography, music, decoration, good food, good wine, flea markets...). 

I am trained in communication and I am also trained in strategic systemics applied to coaching and therapy (Palo Alto model).

Finally a happy mother of 2 children who loves to spend time with them!

What is your professional background? How did you get into the field of branding in the hotel industry?

What I find interesting about a career path is the trajectory. I always knew I wanted to work in creative environments with stimulation and creative problem-solving. So I studied information and communication engineering, which led me to communication / advertising / strategic design agencies. I worked in large communication groups (Publicis, Havas and independent "game changers") where I learned the "360° vision" of a project and its strategic, financial and organizational stakes. This was a structuring factor in my approach. I learned that everyone had their place in a project and the importance of having "industrialized" methods with a "tailor-made" approach.

I was lucky enough to work for ACCOR, which had entrusted the agency with its entire brand portfolio in all aspects of communication (brand positioning, branding, interior design, digital, social media, editorial). I had a blast because the playing field was so wide and the market so fluid. Since then, I have sought to work in this sector by expanding my clients and moving to the other side. I worked as a communications/marketing/branding/art director for a Parisian hotel collection manager. Today, I'm ready to take on the challenge with you!

What is the recent project you are particularly proud of?

I am very proud of a project that I piloted with talented people at my side, the Chouchou hotel, bar and guinguette project!

A project born in 2021 in the middle of COVID after 2 years of intense effort with a creative and strategic committee that I led to bring together all the best experts in communication and create a chain of values. 

I think this project is clear, fair, enlightened, unifying, galvanizing. I'll let you discover this superb project by inviting you to visit the (magnificent) website by Influence Society ☺

I will add that it was crowned with an honorable award "the label of excellence from the Janus of Commerce" given by the French Institute of Design in 2021.

What are the trends in this area that you think should get the attention of hospitality companies?

I mentioned them above. I think about CONTRIBUTING. I think traditional marketing is dead. Behind the words there must be commitment. We can no longer declare without proof. A brand is built on 3 pillars: the meaning it brings, the appearance it carries and the experience it delivers. Marketing is 70 years old. Contributing is the world of today and tomorrow. 

Obviously, digital is at the heart of this sector. We should say social digital because it is a response to the service of people and not a modern gadget. 

In general, I would say "no to trends that go out of fashion", let's look for meaning, that's what the new generation wants.

Why did you join the IS collective?

I've been working with Influence Society since they started. I agree with their philosophy, their approach, their values, their ethics and of course I love their work. I am proud and honored to be part of their collective. It is a sign of recognition and commitment to our collective work. We believe that our combined skills are an adequate response for a coherent and congruent project. There is strength in unity. Together we go further!

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