How Do I Claim My Hotel's Listing On Google My Business?

By requesting your listing on Google My Business, you can easily ensure that you are in control of your company's presence on the site.

In this article, we'll look at how to claim your Google My Business listing.

Feel free to take our full course on how to use and optimize your presence on Google My Business as a hotel establishment:

Step 1. Register

Visit, sign in, or create a Google Business Account.

Step 2. Add your business

Once logged in, you can search by company name and address by typing in the search box provided.
The search results will appear in a list as well as on the map, and from these choices you can choose the company you are trying to claim.

If none of these results match your business, you can simply click "Add your Google location". You will then be asked to choose your type of business: storefront (restaurants, hotels, etc.), service area (taxi service, delivery, etc.) or brand (products, brands, causes, etc.).

Source: Google My Business

Step 3. Verification

You will need to verify with Google that the business you are claiming ownership of is in fact yours. The verification code will be mailed to you - it takes one to two weeks - and once you enter the code into your account, you can finally start managing your business information on Google My Business.