What Are The Sites Where My Hotel Can Appear Using Metasearch Technology?

It is essential to ensure a constant and up-to-date presence on metasearch, if you are not referenced you will leave the field open to OTAs and other resellers and lose direct traffic.
The major hotel technology providers offer platforms for managing your pricing strategies on metasearch.

These meta-search engine management platforms connect your reservation engine to all the main metasearchs, so you can simultaneously manage your tariff presence on all these comparators.
Not all these platforms can manage all metasearchs, but do you need them? Analyze your customer base and choose the tool that suits your needs!

Here are some examples of platforms for managing metasearch for hotels and to which metasearch engines can connect:

META I/O: Wego , Trivago, TripAdvisor, Google Hotels Ads, Kayak

Source: Meta I/O

Bookassist : Wego , Trivago, TripAdvisor, Google Hotels Ads, Kayak, Sky Scanner

Source: Bookassist

D-edge : Google Hotel Ads, Hotels Combined, Kayak, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Wego

source: D-edge