What Is Instagram Shopping?

Unlocking the Potential of Instagram Shopping for Professionals

Introduction to Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping, developed by Instagram (Facebook), offers a powerful tool for professionals looking to enhance their product marketing on this social platform. With nearly 100 million accounts globally engaging with Shopping posts, Instagram is poised to leave a significant mark on social commerce, aiming to be more than just a source of inspiration.

The Appeal of Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping presents an accessible way to boost product visibility in an appealing manner. Users can easily discover product prices and obtain detailed information with a few taps. This feature simplifies the redirection process to an online store, making it one of the few methods Instagram accounts can use to drive traffic to their websites.

How Instagram Shopping Works

The functionality of Instagram Shopping is straightforward. Businesses can add up to five clickable links to their products in each post, providing consumers with immediate access to product details without needing to exit the app. If a user shows interest in a product, clicking on the information banner opens a new window with a purchase option, seamlessly integrating shopping into the Instagram experience.


Requirements for Utiliing Instagram Shopping

To leverage Instagram Shopping, businesses must adhere to several prerequisites:

  • Operate a professional Instagram account.
  • Publish a minimum of nine posts on their page's wall.
  • Own a merchant site for traffic redirection.
  • Set up a catalog integrated with Facebook using platforms like Shopify or Bigcommerce.


Instagram Shopping offers a unique opportunity for professionals to directly market their products to a vast audience on Instagram. By meeting the platform's requirements and effectively utilizing this feature, businesses can significantly enhance their social commerce presence, making Instagram a key component of their digital marketing strategy.