What Is The Point Of Connecting My PMS And A CRM?

One of the most important assets of a hotel's technology suite is the integration between the PMS (Property Management System) and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). By linking the data from these two systems, hotels can create memorable experiences for guests at every digital touch point.

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By integrating these two systems and other hotel technology platforms, hotels can have a single view of each guest and take advantage of the tools available to collect data and communicate with guests while working from a shared database.

With a unique view of the guest, hotel staff can ensure that the engagement is meaningful and relevant at every point of contact during the guest's trip. These integrations allow the guest's photo, stay history, total expenses, interests, preferred room types, links to social profiles, loyalty program status and comments on previous stays to be included in a single profile.

In addition to a single, consolidated view of each guest, hotels are also well positioned through CRM to be transparent and straightforward about how they use and store guest data. By centralizing their data, hotels know exactly where the data is stored, who has access to it and who controls it.