Which Ad Extensions Should I Adopt For A Hotel?

Ad extensions exist in different forms and each of them meet a specific objective. They allow you to complete your title and description with additional relevant information.

These are assigned to your sponsored ads and can be configured directly from the Google Ads platform.

There are many reasons to use them:

  • Facilitates the search for information on the part of the Internet user.
  • Directs the Internet user towards an action that corresponds to your conversion objective.
  • Larger announcement due to additional information. Much more visually impacting and therefore generating a significantly higher engagement rate.
  • A better engagement will logically lead to an improvement of the quality score and therefore a decrease of your cost per click.

Which extensions to use for a hotel?

You will discover below the 5 most appropriate extensions for a hotel establishment. Periodically, you will also be able to use the promotion and price extensions for temporary events and offers.

Location extension

As its name suggests, the location extension allows you to tell Internet users the address of your establishment.

Extension Link annexes

One of the most effective and most used extensions is undoubtedly the extension of annex links. The latter allows you to create various other additional links (from 2 to 8 depending on the device).

Another advantage is that the addition of additional links significantly increases the size of your ad and therefore naturally attracts much more attention from Internet users.

Call extension

With the simple addition of a telephone number, the call extension allows the user to call you directly.

In order to optimize this option, remember to set this extension on your opening hours so that, on the one hand, Internet users don't fall on an answering machine, and on the other hand, they don't lose money (because yes, 1 call is equivalent to 1 click and therefore you take out your wallet!).

Site Excerpts

This feature allows you to highlight the services offered by the hotel:

This will allow you to give more information to prospects before they click on your ad and thus reduce the volume of irrelevant clicks on your ad. In addition to a more qualified traffic, the site extract extension will extend the space on the result page for your ad.

Hook extension

Widely used, the teaser extension is a unique opportunity to highlight the added value of your commercial offers. It's the time to stand out and inform about the unique assets of your hotel!

In different forms depending on the terminal used, Google gives you the possibility to post up to 6 teasers in your ad.