Winter Season Is Coming: How To Master Instagram Contests To Boost Your Account's Engagement?

The principle of the contest game on Instagram is to make one or more subscribers win a gift, by asking them to perform an action that will benefit you.

The contest allows you:

  • To stimulate a community that has become less active
  • Launch a new Instagram account or a new product,
  • Create or strengthen the link with your followers,
  • To attract the attention of new users.

The different steps to master your contest:

Set clear objectives and expected results with the choice of a simple mechanics.

It is defined with the social media objective in mind:

  • The demand for engagement.
    The participants only have to leave a like and a comment below the post of the contest.
  • Conquering new customers.
    The principle is to tag a certain number of people in comments. Objective: attract more people to the post and benefit from a viral effect.
  • Solicitation to share.
    Many companies ask their subscribers to share the contest publication to their network in their story. This allows the company to gain visibility.

Your Instagram contest for your hotel is ready, don't forget...

Be visual
Choose a prize with attractive visuals that illustrate it and attract attention.

Set up a policy
Make sure you understand the laws and regulations in your area. When the value of the lot becomes important (+100€), it is better to cover yourself and avoid litigation. Draw up rules and regulations and file them with a bailiff. If you're working with influencers on an Instagram contest, make sure you're following proper disclosure rules.

Get organized to create your posts
The contest is organized beforehand, and it is necessary to prepare a backlog of posts.

It is important to announce the release of the contest a few weeks before it starts, with different pre-publications acting as teasing. It is possible to use a countdown, a question box where you could ask the community if they have an idea of the prize that will be raffled, a poll "will you participate? In short, several days before the contest goes online, we bet on the interaction in story!

Determine the duration
If you organize your contest when your target is not connected, you will inevitably flop!

You need to think about the right time to launch your contest but also define the optimal duration that will allow you to get the maximum number of participants.

Make reminders... but not too many!

Set up the draw: It is important to do it with a third party application to avoid cheating and to reassure your community on the veracity of the draw.