How To Manage Or Control A Metasearch Or Hotel Metasearch Engine?

A hotel metasearch site such as Trivago, Google Hotel Ads or Tripadvisor, is a price comparison engine for hotels and other accommodations. It brings together rates and information from several travel sites in order to offer the maximum variety and the best rates available to bookers.

Thus, travellers can easily find the best offers for a hotel/accommodation in a certain location with the amenities they want, within a specific time frame and price range. When a traveller is interested in an advertisement and clicks on it, they are redirected to an OTA or the hotel's website to complete the booking.

Hotels can manage metasearch management themselves or outsource it.
Before you implement a new strategy, you must first analyze the context of your business :

  • Identify your customers
  • Identify the ideal platform to reach your prospects.
  • Make sure your booking engine can integrate with your campaign management tool.
  • Propose the best price on the market on your official website to stay competitive.
  • Don't bid too high or too low. If you consider a bid too high, keep in mind that your cost of acquiring customers will also increase. If you bid too low, your hotel will not be displayed on the platform at all.
  • Test and pay close attention to the results: It is by testing different bidding strategies and campaigns and by carefully observing the results that you will be able to observe fluctuations in conversion rates and acquisition costs. This will allow you to optimize your campaigns.