Tesla charging in front of a Hotel at a Tesla Supercharger

Creatively Enhance Your Hotel's Digital Marketing: Tesla's Supercharger Network

Creatively Enhance Your Hotel's Digital Marketing: Tesla's Supercharger Network

Marketing visibility is crucial for any business, especially luxury hotels striving for direct bookings. Continuously finding innovative strategies that captivate your target audience is essential. As traveler preferences evolve, so too must your marketing tactics. The digital marketing arena is competitive, with OTAs and other hotels vying for attention. This insight explores creative ways to stand out, focusing on the Tesla Supercharger Network as a case study.

Hotels Building on Digital Marketing Fundamentals

'Traditional' digital marketing strategies form the bedrock of online visibility. SEO, vibrant social media presence, and paid search ads (SEA) are indispensable. We wrote an insight recently on SEA strategies in high-demand periods, which you can find here. However, hoteliers should always stay connected to the changing needs of their target market and consider creative ways to put their properties in the minds of their guests. One such creative example is the Tesla Supercharger Network.

Tesla Model 3 charging at a Tesla Supercharger.

Embracing the EV Revolution

In recent years, there has been a considerable rise in the use of electric vehicles (EVs) around the world. Statista predicts a 23.8% year over year growth in full EV ownership worldwide, with an expected 32.3% year over year growth in EV sales in Europe. According to the same report out of the 1.58 million full EVs sold in Europe in 2022, 17% were Teslas. It is undeniable that the future of road travel is electric with Tesla leading the way, and this presents a unique partnership opportunity for hotels.

Navigating the EV Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities

One challenge that EV owners currently face is the limited range of their vehicles, which can hinder long-distance travel. Recognizing this, Tesla (aided by government subsidies) has invested heavily in its Supercharger network worldwide, ensuring that EV owners have access to fast and convenient charging options. Furthermore, Tesla allows you to suggest new locations for a Supercharger, and accepts many of those suggestions. This led to a massive growth in charging stations, as can be seen on the map below. In order to travel from point A to point B over long distances, Tesla developed a travel planner (https://www.tesla.com/trips). This online map accessible straight from any of Tesla's car dashboards helps drivers plan charging moments on long-haul drives. The below map shows only the Tesla Superchargers, and does not include the roughly 132.000 non-Tesla charging stations that would fill the map beyond recognition.

Screenshot of the Tesla Supercharger network in Europe.

Leveraging Data: Strategic Insights for Hoteliers

Why are we presenting all this info? Integrating Tesla Superchargers into your hotel's offerings is a strategic and insightful move, especially in light of recent findings by researchers at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. They analyzed the impact of Tesla charging stations on hotel revenue, revealing that upscale hotels benefit the most from installing charging stations. This suggests a strong brand alignment between Tesla and hotels that cater to a similar demographic.

Beyond Conventional Hotel Marketing: The Case for Tesla Superchargers

According to the study mentioned above, the introduction of Tesla charging stations at hotels has increased the monthly revenue of upscale hotels. This aligns with the demographic insights indicating that EV (especially Tesla) owners are predominantly wealthy and young, suggesting that hotels with Tesla chargers attract guests with a higher spending capacity. The study highlights an important market segmentation insight: upscale hotels benefit the most from installing Tesla Superchargers. This indicates a strategic opportunity for hotels to align their marketing efforts with the values and lifestyle of EV owners, particularly those driving Tesla vehicles.

Adding Tesla chargers not only enhances a hotel's visibility on digital platforms but also aligns with emerging sustainable travel trends. The above linked research by Qian and Zhang suggests that proximity to popular tourist attractions amplifies this effect. Such creative digital marketing moves go beyond traditional advertising, and directly connect your hotel with a high-value potential customer base seeking both luxury and convenience.

Hotel Example: A Client's Success Story

Our client Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa in Beaune took the step, and installed chargers on their property. Their luxury property now appears on the Tesla maps, which adds an organic channel for visibility.

Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa, Beaune, as shown on the Tesla charging map.

The Road Ahead: Future Directions for Hotel Marketing

The integration of Tesla Superchargers is just the beginning. As consumer preferences lean towards sustainable and tech-driven solutions, hotels must innovate continuously. This strategy's success opens doors to exploring other partnerships and technological integrations, further enhancing your brand's appeal. Just as Tesla Superchargers serve to attract a specific demographic, hotels should consider how other partnerships could open doors to otherwise untouched lucrative niches.


In conclusion, the findings from Qian and Zhang's study underscore the importance of dynamic marketing strategies in the hospitality industry. As consumer preferences evolve, especially towards sustainable and technology-driven solutions like EVs, hotels need to continuously adapt and innovate their offerings. The success of integrating Tesla Superchargers highlights the potential for future collaborations that tap into the lifestyle and values of modern travelers. The evolving landscape of travel and technology calls for a dynamic approach to hotel marketing. After all, marketing is about placing your brand in front of the right eyes.

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