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How We Use Webflow to Build the Best Hospitality Group Websites

How We Use Webflow to Build the Best Hospitality Group Websites

Haven't heard of Webflow? Check out our previous article explaining why Webflow is the website builder hotels and restaurants have been waiting for. Since we migrated all of our clients over to Webflow last year, we have become major fans of the No-Code movement.

Webflow Websites for Hotel and Restaurant Groups 

Half of our team has experience working as Digital Marketing Managers for hotel groups so we know how challenging it can be to create a new website. Many questions need to be addressed when kicking off a new project: 

  • Which CMS should I sure? 
  • Should I work with an agency that has their own backoffice or should I go DIY with Wordpress? 
  • How do I set my site up for SEO? 
  • How can I make sure my website loads quickly and is optimized for mobile? 
  • How can I manage multiple properties? 

This is why Webflow is the best of both worlds. You can have a website that is fully-custom designed with the flexibility and transparency of a platform like Wordpress, all with an easy-to-use backoffice. It works for many kinds of websites, from a landing page built off of a template to a fully custom multi-page site. 

After building over 250 websites (more than half of them for hotel groups) we have found that with Webflow, you can: 

  • Save 3-5 times the amount of time spent editing your site 
  • Improve your SEO and site speed
  • Use one account to manage all your hotel and restaurant websites 

Design Matters

We have one rule for our team: The client is always right. This is especially true for groups and chains. Work with your internal designer or your favorite freelancer and we’ll bring the development expertise to integrate your design in Webflow and make sure it’s driving conversions. 

And if you’re looking for a designer, check out our Collective of vetted designers and photographers who work with amazing travel brands all over the world. They will help you optimize your Webflow site.

A Case Study: Experimental Group

Experimental Group is one of our earliest clients. As they’ve grown, we’ve built for them 7 hotel websites, 4 restaurant websites, and the group’s parent site with more being worked on currently. 

Experimental Group has a number of properties, all with their own business style and vibe. They can get an overview of all of these properties on Webflow and can quickly edit, archive, and delete pages or even whole sites. They can also easily duplicate pages to easily create new landing pages as needed. 

They also have access to a control panel from where they can manage things like favicons, permissions, and email email databases for each of their properties.

Webflow also features an easy to use Editor for everyday backoffice changes and a Designer to manage the look of your site.

Find out how you can get started with Webflow

So what are you waiting for? Making the switch to Webflow now gives you the chance to take full ownership of your site, access a simpler backoffice, gain autonomy in all your web design decisions, get ahead of the No-Code trend, and align yourselves with some of the top hospitality brands. 

So let’s chat. We’d love to show you how it works. 

Special offer: If you’d like a new website but are still locked into a monthly retainer for the next 6-8 months, let us know and we’ll convert what you have left to pay for that retainer into a voucher for a new website!

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