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How To Turn Your Instagram Into A Direct Booking Machine

How To Turn Your Instagram Into A Direct Booking Machine

Once you have put in the work and have built your social media presence, it's time to reap the reward of all that effort. It is time to drive quality traffic to your website and booking engine.

At Influence Society, we rely heavily on social media for our advertising. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram allow very precise targeting, even beyond traditional socio-demographic segmentation. Every action from every user is tracked by the platform, so it has a clear picture of every user's interests. You may have noticed that your Instagram ads have become more targeted than ever! In this article, we are going to help you prepare a very simple action plan for your Facebook & Instagram Ad campaign.


We suggest you to divide your campaign into two main goals:

1) Introduction - For those who have never heard of your brand, you need to be ready with an inspiring first impression. The CTA here should drive people to your awesome website.

2) Offers and promotions
. Once the public knows who you are, you can lead them to the next step in the funnel. The CTA here should link to your booking engine.

It’s worth mentioning how important it is to have a mobile-friendly site. Quite often amazing ads are hampered by slow loading times on mobile devices and are never seen by impatient users.

To check how mobile friendly your website is, as well as your loading time:, try this tool.

If you need to make small changes on your site, we recommend using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

In terms of budget allocation, it will depend on your property. But a reasonable distribution for social ads could be the following:

  • 25% for sponsored post and stories
  • 25% for remarketing
  • 50% for loyalty and conquest

Target markets

Each specific audience needs their own messaging. There are 3 main types of highly effective practices for hotels:

1. Sponsor posts and stories: Highly related to brand awareness. Boost your posts to the audiences you want to reach so that you don’t depend entirely on organic growth.

2. Remarketing: Create an audience based on people who visited your website or  booking engine. For this you will need to install a Facebook Pixel – here’s a tutorial.

3. Loyalty and conquest: The best tool for conquering new markets is to use your current client database. You can display ads directly to this audience to focus on repeat business or create a new list of potential customers with similar attributes. Here’s how.


We know you have at least one really creative person on your team. This job is for them. Here are some tools we use for creating amazing content and ads:

Canva: For stories and ads. Very simple interface. You don't need to be a designer, as the platform is full of free content with images in any size.

Facebook Creator Studio: This tool is amazing for programming ads. It is connected to Facebook Business Manager and included plenty of tutorials.

Mojo: One of the best apps for creating animated videos for stories.


Social Ads are not pure science. It’s all about learning, optimizing and improving your campaigns, much like marketing in general. It is crucial you create a dashboard inside the Facebook Business Manager in order to track your KPIs on a daily basis. Some key metrics:

  • Impressions / Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPC
  • Cost per Purchase
  • Purchase
  • Booking Value

Quick tip: Don't forget to insert UTM tracking codes at the end of your links in order to see the results of your campaigns directly in Google Analytics.

Do not expect to have the same return on investment on each type of  campaign. Remarketing will always drive a higher ROI (usually from 10 to 20).

Conquests are more difficult but see them as an opportunity to make your brand awareness grow. Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to have global performance that is trending better than on your other channels.

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