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The Social Media Toolkit For Hoteliers

The Social Media Toolkit For Hoteliers

Edit Photos and Videos

Before you start to publish content, your photos must look professional. Whether they are your official photos, those of your clients or of your influencers, do not hesitate to create your own brand identity. We recommend:

  • Adobe Lightroom (probably the best tool available for simple photo edits)
  • Canva (a free online design tool that lets you create photo montages)
  • Luminar 3 (to download on your computer)

Creating Stories

Once you have mastered the retouching of your photos, it is important to optimize them for Stories. Don't forget to shoot vertically and use one of the followingmobile applications to embellish your stories:

Automating publications

Your content is ready and in the right format? All you have to do now is publish your content! We recommend scheduling your publications in advance, which will help you stay organized and will help you avoid missing key moments.


You are now (hyper)active on the networks, your content is top-notch and your community is ultra committed. What you need is a tool to centralize all your data and statistics

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