Hoteliers: The GA4 Transition is Now Hotel Digital Marketing Agency

Hoteliers: The GA4 Transition is Now!

Hoteliers: The GA4 Transition is Now!

Google has announced the evolution of one its tool for analyzing website usage data, Google Analytics 4, or GA4 for short.

What this means it will now be impossible to collect data from your Universal Analytics account from July 2023 onward, so the sooner you create your GA4 account, the sooner you can familiarize yourself with the new platform and start collecting data. 

Why is the platform changing?

The digital environment is constantly changing and solutions must adapt. GA4 is a response to the evolution of user navigation that is increasingly focused on mobile and apps. The new platform will analyze different metrics based on the events performed by the user with a view to better understanding the user's journey regardless of their navigation path.

Google also wants to ask for fewer cookies in order to respect user privacy and adapt to new regulations for the protection of personal data.

What do you need to do?

Don't delete your Universal Analytics

There is no point in cutting off UA now, which provides you with certain indicators different from those that can be found on GA4. Instead, install the new GA4 tracking in addition to UA. UA data will still remain accessible after data collection stops, so you can make the transition smoothly.

Prepare your GA4 events and reports

There are many events that you can configure in GA4 in order to better understand the user journey and visualize the conversion funnel. You can also create custom report templates highlighting the most relevant data for your company, which will save you valuable time for your analyses.

Get used to the new platform

The design of the platform and the data presented have changed considerably, using it now to get accustomed to the new look.

Update your tools and connected reports

Make sure to create a plan to connect any external reports and tools to this new data source. 

If you need more advice or technical support, please reach out, we can help!

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