Le Vieux Castillon

When beauty meets poetry

The Hotel du Vieux Castillon is a hidden treasure in the region, preserved for the happiness of its guests. The 34 rooms and suites have been designed as bubbles of softness, ideal for rejuvenation. There is the table of Chief Benoît Dahai and a spa l’occitane. This is enough to combine a healthy meal with a detoxifying treatment.

The Brief

Le Vieux Castillon, under the banner of the H8 Collection group, asks us to win and develop customer loyalty throughout the year, in high, medium and low season.

The Solution

We create marketing campaigns on social media supported by influencers. Combined with tailor-made offers all year round and immersive advertising, Le Vieux Castillon increases its occupancy rate by 15%, and increases its notoriety.

Local Awareness

Thanks to campaigns on social networks and advertisements on search engines, Le Vieux Castillon increased its notoriety and attracted a foreign clientele, initially from the United Kingdom, then from Northern countries.


Remarketing allows le Vieux Castillon to increase its occupancy rate. It is an excellent tool to minimize advertising costs while increasing ROI.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

We target a European clientele and create immersive ads to increase the reputation of the Vieux Castillon.

Google Adwords Campaigns

These campaigns allow le Vieux Castillon to attract new customers through targeted advertising.