Luxury lifestyle ine the heart of Saint-tropez

Gina's Saint Tropez

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Italian See Food by Eric Frechon

An ode to the freshness and elegance of the Riviera in a setting inspired by the art of living on the Italian coast.

Gina's Saint-Tropez - Influence Society


The Annie Famose group asked us to provide complete support. Since the creation of the webflow sites, Influence Society has accompanied the brand in its development and growth.


Facing the sparkling boats of the port of Saint-Tropez, in a refined setting on the waterfront, the interior of Gina's has been designed like the patio of a villa on the Amalfi coast: sparkling colors, from Maya blue to Jean-Paul Gauthier & Maison Lelièvre moiré print fabrics that sublimate the exuberance of flowers, Murano glass vases, immaculate tableware signed Pordamsa... all punctuated with Italian furniture, with strong nods to Gio Ponti and Ferrucio Lavani.

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